Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busted Lips, Hurting Ribs, and a Medal

Allan Codinera: Ultimately, Fighting Champion, Update

"You are officially one of the best top three in the World Grappling Champs. Congratulations...Luv u baby..yaaayyyyy!!" his wife wrote on facebook after learning that Allan Codinera won the bronze medal in the recently concluded World Grappling Championship in Los Angeles, California.

"Busted lips and hurting ribs! Its time to take a break and enjoy San Francisco. Thank you to all my friends. To my wife, thank you giving me this opportunity. I love you." He wrote back.

As if the beating he got was not enough, Allan made another stop before going home to Toronto. He flew to San Francisco for some more grueling training.

Then finally he was through for the day. He wrote, "Just about to board the plane bound for Toronto. So excited, in four hours home sweet home. To my wife and boys, I'm coming home!"

That is definitely the making of a champ. Good job, my friend!

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