Tuesday, November 2, 2010

His Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

I was crawling the web in search of a perfect image that would accompany my post titled, FW: Txt,  when I stumbled upon a photo that touched my soul in Google images. I could have copied and pasted it on my blog and the author would not have known it. However, something told me to do it right. I am glad I did. Besides keeping my blog within copyright boundaries, I got to know the artist.

To cut a long story short, he came up with the idea of a collaboration that I plan to do in the near future. Meanwhile, I thought of introducing him to you.

"Sorry for the late reply," he wrote in his email as he responded a few days after. "We were in NYC for a photography workshop along with some vacation." 

It turned out that Boyet was accepted to The Eddie Adams Workshop in New York City. It is an intense four-day gathering of top photography professionals, along with 100 carefully selected students!  The photography workshop is tuition-free, and the 100 students are chosen based on the merit of their portfolios. 

"Thank you for your invitation," he wrote. "I am interested although I am not sure if I would make an interesting read."

"Your photos alone would be more than enough," I replied.

Boyet Ignacio is a businessman from Marikina. One day in 2007 he bought a digital camera to take photos of his eldest son's graduation. This single decision made him discover a passion that moved him to finish a diploma course in Photojournalism at the Ateneo's Asian Center for Journalism. 

"Call it a midlife crisis at 39, but photography taught me a lot personally," he wrote, summing it up in a few words. "It encouraged me to pay more attention to my family, my city, my country as I try to document it."

 Boyet Ignacio on Flickr
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