Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love is in the Air

I remember talking to a very amusing American lady in New York not too long ago.  I was fascinated over the fact that she was 103 years of age, and as she put it, lived through World War I and II. When I asked her what she thought of the world today, she answered, "it's gotten smaller." Well this thought has a lot to do with this short story that I am about to tell you. It just might change the way you look at love.

Rhea Marasigan came to Canada four years ago, leaving behind the only life she knew in Batangas.  Attractive and smart, this petite young lady of only 26 got style. She decided that she would take it easy in matters of the heart. First of all, she had a lot in her hands, settling into a new place. Second, she just broke up with the only boy she had ever loved since grade school.

However, that good intention was short lived.  As soon as she put up her Facebook page, she was entertaining callers one after another. One of them was Roman.

"May I call you 'Honey'?" he jokingly asked her one day.

"Only if I can call you 'Bee'," she replied.

"He calls me up regularly," she said, revealing to us that Roman stood out from the rest of the guys. Being far away from home, she welcomed having someone to talk to. Anyhoo, she did not think much of it other than friendship. Well, that was until Mother Nature intervened.

"Big Bee," the billboard sign appeared in front of her as she walked to work one day. She smiled as she recalled the conversation she had with Roman a few days ago.

Then, dropping by the local grocer to pick up some stuff, she got another message. As she scanned the shelves in the store,  she saw a jar of "Honey Bee."  She paused for a moment and assured herself that it was all a coincidence and nothing more.

Well, what do you know. Before she could enter the hotel where she worked, a bee, a real stinger this time, came buzzing from nowhere! After a few days, she changed her profile from "single" to "in a relationship with Roman Dinglasan."

"When will I get to meet the lucky guy?" I asked, teasing her as I bumped into her the other day.

"We'll see," she replied. "As soon as he comes to Canada."

It turns out that Roman who is based in Dubai befriended her on Facebook and wooed her on Yahoo Messenger. Thanks to Mr. Bee, they are now in love, on Skype. The awesome thing about this is that they are going on strong for nine months now, although they have not even met in person.

Well, it caused a debate among our friends if you can consider yourself really in love in a "cyber romance." Some thought that it was too risky to trust a guy whom she has not even met. Others said it was impossible to fall in love with someone you have not even kissed, or better yet, smelled. Haha!

Well, if you were to ask me, I think they have a good thing going. After discussing with Rhea about her relationship with Roman, I believe it is even better than most relationships I see around.

"I hate to compare him to my former boyfriend who rarely shared his thoughts and feelings with me," she explained, "but I feel safe with Roman who has no trouble sharing his inner most feelings and everything that happens to him."

Think about this. A relationship that thrives on honesty and constant communication is a good start. Remember the olden days of pen pals? I often wondered about that.

By the way, Rhea posted this to her status recently. "So it is....booked." Roman ended his contract in Dubai and is now in Batangas waiting for their rendezvous in July.

Love is indeed patient. I will keep you all posted.


  1. Long distance love affair doesn't seem like the right term anymore. For one, no body uses long distance phone service anymore. Two, you see each already and can do many things together ;-). So it really is very much a romance in a different bubble. Perhaps, we should call it connected love instead.

  2. It really changed the way I see love. I like that term, connected love.

  3. It is indeed a good start at love but I would prefer a face to face interaction ...smell, touch, feel and definitely kiss and maybe so much more