Thursday, April 21, 2011

Give to PNoy What Belongs to PNoy


"Give to Caesar what is his, that is, the money, and give your life to God," Leo Tolstoy wrote in his book, The Kingdom of God is Within You. It was his interpretation of the statement given by Jesus to the Pharisees who wanted to trap Him into saying something seditious at that time. The author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina knew too well the tendency of the government during his time to use the separation between the State and the Church to justify blind obedience and "corrupt its citizens." Fast forward, I say nothing has changed.

Our government has argued that the Church has no right meddling into its affairs especially when it comes to population control, discounting the majority's belief that human beings are made of body and soul. Besides, they are ignoring the truth, that we are predominantly a Catholic nation. Forget democracy and every Filipino's rights to their beliefs. They even included a section in the bill that would require employers in essence, including the Church, to educate their employees on the advantages of artificial birth control. Even Pontious Pilate had the conscience to wash his hands.

Proponents of the RH Bill say that it rightly places the choice of methods for planned parenthood in the hands of its citizens and yet they are claiming authority over it. I say it is meant to target the poor whose "favorite past time" is overpopulating the country with more poor people, as if the RH Bill will turn the faucet of poverty off. 

Never mind corruption and incompetence in all levels of the government that churns out nothing but public services way below par. Never mind the justice system where cases go cold. Never mind the limited government resources that go to the pockets of a few. Never mind endangering the Constitution that states in Section 12, "The State...shall protect...the life of the unborn from conception." The important thing is that they show the foreign powers that be that we abide by what they want. 

In the same way that Jesus tossed the coin to show the Pharisees as to whose face was on it, let me wag that P500 bill to remind Noynoy as to whose faces he sees printed on it.

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