Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's More Funk in the Philippines

Photo lifted from Boyet Ignacio's Yetbu Photostream on flickr

It's More Fun in the Philippines.  Yes, it's a simple slogan that tells the truth about Pinoys.  There is no doubt that we really are a bunch of exuberant and bubbly people, even in the face of poverty and blatant corruption.

Me, myself, and I get the expectation of fun as soon as I land in the worst airport in the world.  However, having lived in a land of plenty for so long, I can't help but feel uncomfortable when I have fun around poor, yet ebullient kids.  One of the conclusions I have drawn is that Filipinos are so desensitized to their environment that they can just walk past a little boy, not yet in the age of reason, selling cigarettes out in the streets at night.

UNLESS PINOYS START CARING FOR THEM, or at least show that there are things being done to help them, tourists might just find more reasons to say, "it's more funk in the Philippines."

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