Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mom Extraordinaire

She was born on the day Brother Moon joined Sister Sun and Mother Earth in welcoming another daughter to the Universe.  Yes, a solar eclipse was recorded to have occurred on January 24, 1925, the day Mom was born. Like how the Star of David marked Christmas, that solar eclipse signaled the beginning of an extraordinary life.

She and her family lived during the turbulent days of the Japanese Occupation.  At an age when most of us were still acting goofy,  Mom was sent away from their home in Manila to be on her own with her younger brothers and sisters. Lolo Roman was a school superintendent employed by the Americans. He saw the need for his children to hide away in Nueva Ecija, far north of Manila.

"How she worked hard to take care of us," Aunt Ligaya said.  "The only time she rested was when she would sit to mend clothes while we did our homework."

After the war, she met Dad in a blind date on a bowling alley, a short story of which I wrote in my earlier blog Always On My Father's Mind.  They married and had seven high-spirited children.

How she juggled being a wife to Dad aka James Bond of the Philippines, a mother to seven children, a university professor, and most of all, a prolific social worker is beyond me.

The last time I saw Mom alive was at the foot of the escalator at the airport when I left for the United States. I never got the chance to hug her as I yearned to during my self exile of twelve years.  I cannot help but recall her life again and again, only to find out something new every time I do.  For instance, that moon never meant to hide the light of the sun the day she was born.  As human as she was as I pictured her in my recent blog,  Mom Was from Mars and Dad Didn't Mind At All,  she managed to find her way to heaven, along the path brightened by her work marked by sacrifices for other people.

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