Sunday, February 19, 2012

EPAL: Most Helpful in Public Toilets

Mang Juan worked in the farm owned by the governor of their town.  He smuggled some rice from work to bring home to feed his family.  He got caught and lost his job. A few days ago, he went to the town's faith healer around the corner for a tumor he had in his back. Of course, he had no health insurance. Now, he is dead.

The governor hears the news. It is a year before election. He orders his men to bring some refreshments to the wake of Mang Juan. Without further ado, they drive their black SUV to the depot where they keep all kinds of campaign materials, all printed down to the sugar sachets with the governor's name.  They say to the issuing clerk, "para sa patay."  She hands them a couple of bags and off they go to Mang Juan's wake.

Prrrt!  Stop. Hold your horses. I must admit that I have just written a likely scene for a soap opera. However, would you not agree that art often imitates life?

A politician giving alms to poor people and using it as a way to advertise himself is not only tasteless but moronic. They think they are so smart to play with emotions of those who are in their most vulnerable to remember their names. I say to them, for heaven's sake, does wisdom count in your brains?  Would you go as far as advertising your failures in coffee cups for the dead?

And by the way, I have a better idea for you guys.  EPAL will be most helpful in public toilets to help people do their business with ease.  Oh yes, on toilet paper too at all SM bathrooms.

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