Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life's Quotes

Facebook has become some sort of a morning ritual to me.  It has served as my daily newspaper, my letters and greeting cards from loved ones to open, a photo album to gawk over, an old or latest music video to find, and my journal.  More recently, it has even become my prophet in the guise of "life's quotes" in the morning before I go to work. (Yes, I have the discipline to log off.)

You see, if you were me, an immigrant who has lived in several towns and cities, not to mention countries, you would consider Facebook like a staple food.  Imagine yourself alone and away from home, missing places and friends, learning about different cultures and values, meeting and choosing new friends, learning a new trade, acquiring a new taste for food or a person to fall in love with. ("Funny enough, society's standards of beauty is always changing as if it were the newest season's fashion collection." - Huffington Post ) In other words, if you were me, you would have been struggling to make sense of why you left the comforts of home in the first place and where you are in the journey called life.

While I still take time to read long feature articles and novels, I must admit that I get a kick out of those spurts of wise words by men of yore while I scroll down the page. There are times when I would contemplate on the daily grind of life as a review, before I go to bed, and find answers or encouragements the next morning on a friend's wall.

A word of caution though - while I move freely in the world of social media, I am well aware of the existence of mind altering science.  In the same way that I choose my friends, I discern what I need to believe in to shape my mind in relation to my goals.

So now, I have friends who make my list of favorites because of their choices of posters on their walls. I even go searching for them.  Believe them or not, they serve as reminders to me about very important lessons learned. Come to think of it, these wise men we quote all struggled like us, before they found themselves living their dreams, be it in heaven or earth.
Here are a few examples:

When I went through some serious moments of doubt about my worth (c'mon we all do):

One time, I struggled through some comments about my blog that were negative, I wanted to eff them back:

During those times when I almost gave up on my dream, I would think of packing up to go back home:

Last, but not the least, and may I add it is not the end of it, I struggled to make sense of my failed relationships and somehow had accepted being alone for the meantime: