Monday, January 11, 2016

El Chapo Speaks

Sean Penn secretly met with El Chapo, leader of the most powerful drug cartel in the world. Drug cartels - like a rotting building that poses so much danger to life, it has to be condemned. And this Rolling Stone article that he wrote offered me no new perspective.  All the details of his clandestine meeting – cliché.  It just reiterated the Hollywood star that he is. For example:

“It's a clandestine horror show for the single most technologically illiterate man left standing. At 55 years old, I've never learned to use a laptop. Do they still make laptops? No fucking idea!”

In other words: "I'm a rebel!"

“Dick in hand, I do consider it among my body parts vulnerable to the knives of irrational narco types, and take a fond last look, before tucking it back into my pants.”

In other words: “I have the balls to do this.”

And then, he asked El Chapo, Is it true what they say that drugs destroy humanity and bring harm?" 

El Chapo answered, "Well, it's a reality that drugs destroy. Unfortunately, as I said, where I grew up there was no other way and there still isn't a way to survive, no way to work in our economy to be able to make a living.”

Oh yeah, as if no one can tell from the countless stories of illegal immigrants risking their lives crossing treacherous deserts, only to cross the border to the Unite States of America.

David Bowie, pray for us!

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