When two cultures meet, from whatever world they come, they say a "third culture" is formed at the point of intersection. For example, I come from Manila, lived and worked in New York City, and finally settled here in Toronto. While not really becoming an American or Canadian, I am no longer wholly Filipino.  I have been changed, for better or for worse, by my experiences at the meeting of two worlds, or to be exact, three worlds.  Considering that I now live in Toronto, I still end up saying "go home" to Manila when I visit. It is in this premise that my idea for this blog has been germinating for a couple of years now, on my couch and a few bags of no name potato chips.

Fine Looking Island People is a blog of short stories, or whatever moves me, about immigrants like myself and the islands from where we came.  It is my hope to share a new light to my fellow islanders, as well as their children about why we took this journey. It is only by understanding the lessons of the past will we be able to steer the inevitable evolution to take the better path.

About Cordi Villa

In 1992, I joined the exodus of thousands of Filipinos in search of a better future in the United States. I settled in New York City where I lived for ten years. I got my hands wet during the day in a print shop in Park Avenue, and went to school in the evening to learn about graphic design at Parsons School of Design.

In 2003, I packed my bags and headed north to Canada. It is here where I discovered my calling to write. Although it is not yet my day job, writing is what keeps me in tune with my life as an immigrant. For this, I thank my professor in Expressive Writing, a fine Canadian author, Richard Scarsbrook, for taking pains in reading and critiquing my first pieces in prose.

Toronto is where I have decided to stay. That is, until my next adventure.



  1. the next adventure is what life is all about..the destination is less important than the journey..except Heaven i suppose where adventures never end

  2. more adventures, more stories to tell

  3. open a twitter account and tweet me links to your stories :-)

  4. Hi Cordi, this is Tj, dating alaga ni Boss Charie :) i've heard about your father and what you all are going thru :) wish you all the best. This is good stuff! Keep it coming!

    PS: I still beat Charie in miniature 21 in her office!

  5. Oh Hi TJ, I read your blog. I am putting it on my list. Sports was my first love.

  6. saw your comment on Raissa's a while ago and Raissa's reply to your comment so I checked out your blog. Ended up reading all the stories.
    initially, I would say you are an Ilokano because of your cover - the strong, proud and resilientbamboo. But when I reached the portion on your sundays in jail, I thought you maybe the child of de Villa in the military then. But I saw the picture of Paquito and Lil, and my, I go back to my first premise...
    Why only one article in 2016? You should write more.... perhaps write about the 2016 candidates...

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    2. Hi Chit,

      I'm sorry for my late reply. I stopped blogging because of the following:
      1. Life happened.
      2. Because Ive embarked on a very ambitious project of writing a novel.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and reading my blogs!